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Welcome to the 2020 Conference: Caring About Mothers: Before, During, and After Covid
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Linn Baran

Writer/Editor/Independent Researcher
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Linn Baran is a writer, editor and independent researcher based in Toronto, Canada . She holds degrees in English Literature and Women's Studies from York University. Her writing, research, frontline service positions and community activism has consistently focused on the social inclusion of marginalized mothers and the promotion of an empowered, intersectional feminist vision for “Mother Outlaws” resisting dominant discourses of motherhood. She is a 20 plus year member and supporter of IAMAS in its original formation as MIRCI and ARM. She has presented her research at many past MIRCI conferences and curated the Toronto -based Mother Outlaws' speaker series and coordinated its local community gatherings. . Some of her writing on this topic has appeared in the  Journal of the Motherhood Initiative and The 21st Century Motherhood Movement ( Demeter Press) . She is currently working on two major projects- 1) An autoethnography that uses scholarship, personal reflection and creative non-fiction to define and fully examine the growing genre in literature, film and art of what she has originally coined as the " Maternal Feminist Gothic" , and its relevance to wider current cultural, political, and social meanings of motherhood. 2)  An oral herstory and documentary project offering a new and unique lens onto England's Womens' Land Army of WW2 via surviving members, their daughters and grand daughters ; incl. her own late mother's voice and position within this under represented "feminist army" from public recognition and the reasons "behind" those years of their historical omission. ......... She is very interested in talking to others about the intersections between increased maternal well-being and the creation of feminist "community mothering" networks, activist coalitions, and the embodied rebellions of resistance for revealing "darker" moments of mothering and motherhood in our written work and scholarship. As a passionate and skilled editor , she hopes to make connections with other writers, poets and artists and offer assistance on bringing forth a more authentic and authorial maternal voice-from the negative space of "presence and absence" for their own individual subject matter.
Friday, October 2

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Saturday, October 3

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Sunday, October 4

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